Don’t Fall Behind

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Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

As manufacturers and distribution centers prepare for the holiday peak season, it is critical to make sure that your conveyor systems are ready for the push. Many are feeling the pressure to maximize uptime, thereby minimizing any downtime. According to statistics last year, nearly 141 million consumers shopped online or in stores from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday (December 1st). With this number growing, there is no time to fall behind. Proper equipment maintenance is critical to ensure that operations are running smoothly.

Here are 3 Quick Tips to help you prepare for the holidays:

  • Visual Inspection: Walk around your equipment daily to observe any unusual noise or visual cues; overloaded conveyors or safety concerns.
  • Belt Alignment & Lubrication: Your conveyor belts are the highway to your customer and your profit; Proper alignment, cleaning and lubricating all equipment will keep the conveyor system running efficiently
  • Electrical Connections: Check the operation of the conveyor controls to ensure that all switches and pushbuttons operate properly

Planning a quarterly preventative maintenance with your material handling solutions provider is the best thing you can do to keeping your conveyor system operating smoothly and moving product along.

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