Lift Tables


Ergonomics are becoming increasingly important in the work place. Lifting your material to the right height can be performed with any of the following lift tables.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Designed to easily lift, position, and transport heavy loads in the office, factory, or warehouse. Manually operated foot pedal and hydraulic cylinder raises truck bed to desired height.


Stationary Scissors Lift Tables

Economically priced unit lifts your heaviest loads up to 2,000 lbs. Increases productivity and employee safety by placing load at a comfortable working height.


Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts

Premium quality lift tables offers excellent stability and safety while lifting loads as high as 6,000 pounds.



Tilt Tables

Prevent back strain and fatigue from bending, lifting and reaching with these hydraulic tilt tables. One person can tilt pallets, crates, boxes and other large containers to an ideal working position.



Pallet Stands & Pallet Carousel Stands

Reduces back strain by raising load to a comfortable working height. Heavy-duty springs allow one person to operate. Locking mechanism keeps stand in raised position during stationary use—will not collapse during raising and lowering operations.


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