From design and implementation, to after commissioning service, our in-house team of sales, engineers, project managers, installation crews and service technicians determine the solution that best fits your needs. Conveyor Handling Company, your Material Handling Systems Integrator, is a top performing solutions provider, successfully partnering with our customers to provide complete turnkey automed system solutions.

Service & Preventative Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your equipment is the most efficient and cost effective way to minimize costly downtime in your facility. Our factory trained service technicians can be your lifeline to your manufacturing or distribution operation-catching potential problems and preventing any downtime.

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Preventative Maintenance Program

Our Services

Design, Engineering & Consulting

Conveyor Handling Company’s primary strength is in the design and implementation of turnkey engineered material handling integrated systems. Our engineers will partner with your company and together analyze your current operation, layout constraints, and future growth plans.

Project Management & Installation

Our Department Managers and Engineering Department along with your Sales Engineer will meet to put forth a plan for a successful implementation. Conveyor Handling Company prides itself on our well-trained, professional Installation Department.

Service & Preventative Maintenance

Conveyor equipment is the lifeline of your manufacturing or distribution operation. It is to your benefit to perform scheduled checks to catch potential problems and help prevent future downtime.